Monday, 23 November 2009

Ghosts Of Biking Past

This weekend I returned home for a friend's surprise 21st birthday party and his dad was there, who attempted to teach me all those years ago.

Quite a few of our old school friends made an appearance and they asked about how my biking was going. (They had heard through the magic of social networking). I told them how, I am currently perfecting the art of turning the bike.

However John, my friend's dad is now a ripe age of 66 and told me about when he tried to teach me. He said he just couldn't understand why it wouldn't click with me, he had found it so easy and therefore couldn't empathise.

Until, John went skiing.

                         Me, John and My mate James

If there is one thing more unnatural than a man trying to balance on two's a man trying to balance on two pieces on wood, whilst hurtling down a mountain.

He said his instructor had been skiing since he was seven and was now in his mid-twenties and couldn't understand why John kept falling over.

John said: "What goes around comes around Laurence

                  "I know how you must have felt now."

Well, until he rides down the mountain in a fluffy pink dress, whilst showboating little French girls giggle and ski circles around him and his instructor screams 'just peddle' at him...he'll never understand.

Look out for a new post, with me perfecting my turning very soon!

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MUMMY said...

I needed all the help I could get and so did you Laurence!