Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Word Gets Around

The joys of viral networking are infinite and chances are if you are reading my blog, I either poached you via Facebook or blackmailed you in person, "You're not my friend if you don't follow me". 

(N.B You can still be my friend if you don't follow me)

As my last post mentioned, a lot of people have picked up about my blog and coincidentally I have been asked to do a video with One Media Group TV. OMG is my university's student media brand, with their own online TV news, radio shows and magazine (which I help produce).

I should be filming this weekend, so look out for an awkward interview and shameless self-promoting video some time soon! 

Back in biking news, I was reminded by my mother about another bad biking experience I had at Centre Parks, involving tricycles and even more showboating little girls! 

Perhaps I had mentally blocked it out, even so, watch this space as I pull open the wounds from more embarrassing biking stories.

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MUMMY said...

I would hate to see you fail this task