Monday, 2 November 2009

Special Moments

It occured to me recently, special moments between parents and their children only ever occur once in a lifetime and they are priceless. Their first word, their first steps and the first time they ride a bike.

In an obscure way, this moment will not just be shared with my mother, family or friends but the whole world. Admittedly that does sound quite over-dramatic but it was an odd thought that the act of teaching and the inevitable eurphoria from succeeding is being given to two friends. It is a very personal side of my life and it is being shared with the world.

Currently by 'The World' I mean, my university and a biking forum. Random acquaintances have begun to ask about my progress or stop me to say how much they are liking my blog. This has gradually eased my embaressment, however it does mean now that there is more pressure than ever to succeed.

So today I present to you my first ever milestone. The first time I have ever rode a bike.

The video starts with a previous video from my last post but the new ones are in there.

For any learners or teachers reading this, rest assured it is acheiveable, I managed to ride around five metres and must have rode around sixty by the end of two hours practice. The only problem was once I got going I didn't know how to stop and when I wanted to cheer and raise my arms in success...I fell off.

The end of the video sees me on concrete for the first time, which scared me as I knew it would hurt a lot if I fell off. However it was much easier to pedal and steer, the only problem was that I hit the kerb.

I was worried about hitting it, so I began to stare at it and then hit it anyway.

What I've Learnt:

1) Pedalling on grass is still really, really, really hard!
2) Turning on grass remains very difficult as well. (see video)
3) If you don't raise yourself up off the seat, to allow for bumps in the road, you get a very sore bum!


Leah said...

Really good blog, I love how brutally honest it is. It makes it so funny =) Ahh, I remember all the times I fell off, knee pads do come in handy lol!

Anonymous said...

Can you ice scate by any chance?

MUMMY said...

Have you heard of the Pushbike Song?

I think of you when I hear that tune!

MUMMY said...

Poor bike

MUMMY said...

Are you really ok?