Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Welcome To Learn With Laurence!

Hello there my dear Twitter friend!

Thank you very much for clicking on to my blog. In case you get a bit confused and lost, I thought I would explain what this blog is about...

This is me.
My name is Laurence Mozafari.
I'm 20-years-old.
I can't ride a bike.

This blog follows me as I try to learn and eventually enter a charity event, raise some money and get maybe one day get into mountain biking. Because it just looks like fun!

This blog is for:
  • Adults/children learning to ride a bike
  • Those teaching someone else to ride a bike
  • Mountain Biking enthusiasts
  • Anyone looking for a laugh on their lunch break!

This is one of my first attempts to ride and is a good indicator of the humour in my blog.

So please click my banner and have a look at my posts, drop some comments and maybe even follow me!

I am a third year journalism student at Staffordshire University and I want to work in men's lifestyle magazines.


MUMMY said...

Mmmmmm is this my fault?

MUMMY said...

This is going to be pain in public on a grand scale, are you read for this?