Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Picture Perfect?

First an intimate diary of my experiences learning to ride, then videos and now pictures. I'm imagining the music from Tony Hart's 'Vision On' as you scroll through them...

Here are a selection of pictures from my latest session out on the bike, it was a nightmare trying to get some decent ones and the camera kept getting full too quickly.

This was my first proper time out on concrete, quite late in the day as you can tell from the shadows.

Attempting to get a good pose for the blog's profile picture...and not fall off.

Amongst the uncomfortable gurning you may be able to make out I'm almost standing up on the bike!

What probably could have been a cool picture, ruined by the child catcher expression.

I'm really impressed with this picture, we had failed to get a picture of my shadow on the bike all afternoon. Then go this one by accident!

What this picture doesn't show, is me grabbing the handles again instantly, trying to hang on for dear life.


MUMMY said...

Perhaps photography would be more rewarding in the long run?

James said...

Great photos lawrence, good luck with the biking

andy said...

ohhh this is nice. i miss my bike a lot.