Thursday, 10 December 2009

The Future-Biking-And Me

Coach Ali proposed an interesting concept to me. As I have been making so much progress with my biking, maybe I could consider it as a mode of transport in years to come?

I currently have a car, which is my main mode of transport between my home in Kent and my University in Staffordshire. However I plan to move into London when I graduate to chase my journalistic dreams and riding a bike may be the cheapest, healthiest and possibly fastest way to get to work...

This would pose some problems though:
  1. Is cycling in London really safe, with all those bendy buses crushing people?
  2. Can you realistically cycle to work, all sweaty and in a suit?
  3. Would I need to wear one of those snazzy pollution/swine-flu-masks? (see below)

                                   I AM YOUR FATHER

    It seems riding around on a bike can even lead to becoming a bit of a hero. Boris Johnson rescued a woman from some menacing hoodies.

    Maybe I could become a vigilante on a bike blog idea...Fight Crime With Laurence?

    Do any of you cycle to work? Or used to cycle to work? Apparently my uncle started riding to work when his car was out of action and shifted his beer belly in a few weeks...

    I may definitely need to consider it then, my diet of cheap Asda meat, snakebites and Subways is doing nothing for my physique.


Rob said...

I think you would be best off leaving the suit at the workplace to cycle in otherwise it'd stink!

sophielovestea said...

Fight Crime With Laurence is deffo a follow up! Biking to work is the best idea for London I think. That's my plan when I get down there after graduation. Funny how a push bike can be faster than a train or car eh? That, or see if Superman is free for flying lessons - he can help you with the crime thing too. Win.

Laurence Mozafari said...

Ha Ha, may have to give Fight Crime With Laurence some serious thought