Sunday, 13 December 2009

Have A Wheely Good Christmas!

Ah don't you just love Christmas - the festive joy, togetherness and of course the presents.

Well this Christmas, my house took part in our third annual secret Santa at university and as you may have read on my Twitter - I have received my awesome present early!

Coach Woodward was my secretive gift giver this year and has given me a cool pair of Oakley gloves to help me with my biking. He had to give me my present early, so I had the chance to use them before the deadline for my blog.

                                 My snazzy new gloves

Apparently they will help keep my hands warm, help my grip and combat the pain I get in my thumbs from gripping the handle bars too hard.

But most importantly they have lime green on them - my favourite colour!

Look out for another post soon as I try out my new gloves.


Sambob said...

These gloves look great Laurence. Good to see you're doing well and sticking at this cycling lark, keep at it and you'll be winning the Tour de France in no time!

MUMMY said...

A gift of gloves represents a parting - probably you from the seat of your bike!

MUMMY said...

I am leaning towards a combined present of a 'compass bell'; they can hear you coming and I will never lose you.....ahhhh

Laura B said...

What an inspired blog topic! Really good read too! L

Laurence Mozafari said...

Cheers Sam, I was really chuffed with them too!

I'm hoping I won't be parting with the seat of my

Cheers Laura, glad you're enjoying it :D

Atif.Ali said...

i like how our whole secret santa thing got ruined just for Laurence to get this gloves early! lol!

Diabolica♥ said...

Loving the gloves, very snazzy! And yeah you aren't actually supposed to know who your secret santa is from!! Hence the name, secret...santa... :D