Monday, 7 December 2009

Re-Learn With Laurence

There may be some of you reading this who can already ride a bike, well in actuality you probably all can. Otherwise 20-year-old oddities such as myself would be very common indeed.

In this blog I am trying to help those who have only just began to learn or are teaching someone else. However, I have come across some techniques that experienced riders did not know and could help more than just beginnners.

The term under-rotation is one I picked up from IMB magazine and Coach Woodward.

When you are braking on the bike or trying to have any element of control over it in my case, try tipping your pedals back, so you heel points further towards the floor. This allows you to control the momentum rather than merely trying to battle it.

The easiest way to describe it is how it is mentioned in the article:

"If you were walking down a hill or a steep path you wouldn't do it on tip toes and leaning forward even if you were to run down it you'd dig your heels in- so do the same on your bike."

So if you dip your heels to gain more control you'll fall off less. Nuff said.

Look out for some more biking tips soon!


George said...

Just got in from a ride. The whole heel back thing makes such difference. Get it learnt now so you don't have to worry about it later

Tom Foster said...

Love it, great post Laurence!

Maria said...

Omg Laurence, you sound like a pro already! See you in the Tour de France next year? ;)