Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Wax On-Wax Off

For every exciting thrill and success in learning to ride a bike there is a boring, gruelling and monotonous job waiting.

Whether this is fixing a punctured tyre and slowly looking for bubbles, as you gently squeeze the entire circumference of an inner tube in a bowl of water.


Looking around an entire shop for new helmets, trying on every single one and assessing it for shape, size, weight, safety, price and how cool your big bulbous head looks in it.


Scrubbing down a muddy bike with hot saopy water after a ride.

Well this week I shall be doing exactly that- washing my bike. Unfortunately not in a wet white t-shirt like some reader requested...I know you must be devastated.

Me washing down 'old Bertha' outside our house...
& yes as you can tell by the traffic cones & broken bed-we're students.

To wash down a bike, let the mud dry and then use the soft side of a sponge to wash the downtube and then rest of the bike liberally with warm soapy water!

If anyone actually had to look that up before doing it then you should be ashamed.

Look out for another biking trip this week!


Mark Hines said...

good useful hints on how to wash down a bike! like the determination you have shown in learning! keep up the good work.

MUMMY said...

What about washing my car?

Anonymous said...

What have you called your bike in the end?

Laurence Mozafari said...

Hmm I'm leaning towards Jacqueline II atm, as it was the name of my first car before she was stolen ;(

Atif.Ali said...

It's those very same traffic cones we used to help Laurence practice his turns and maneuvering